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25+Years of credibility & experience. Transforming lives with Samda Healing Energy, Human Magnetic Force, & The Power of Mind and Body Language.

Meet Dr. Abdul Samad

Dr. Abdul Samad well-known as an Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Personal Development Coach. His worldwide acclaim comes from his relentless effort and commitment towards endorsing “Health, Happiness, and Success. With over 25 years of credibility and experience, we have been dedicated to empowering individuals and transforming lives through the powerful techniques of Samda Healing Energy, Human Magnetic Force, and the Power of Mind and Body Language.
Known for his motivational speeches, writing, and life coaching, Abdul Samad has achieved international fame for his dedication in advocating for “Health, Happiness, and Success.” Through his roles as a Master Healer, Presenter, and the creator of his successful Discoveries.
1. Successful Healing Energy (SHE).
2. Human Magnetic Force (HMF).
3. The Power of Mind & Body Language (PMBL)
He has impacted the lives of millions across the world.

Mission and Vision
Dr. Samad’s mission involves spreading the ideology of living a life filled with health, joy, and prosperity by positively exploring oneself and the natural environment. His vision includes enabling people to discover and live out their heavenly purpose.

The Journey of Abdul Samad
This segment explores Abdul Samad’s personal and professional development, shining a light on significant events and experiences that have informed his aim of spreading positivity and wealth.


  • Brilliant Researcher for Human Powers Quaid-e-Azam Gold medal Award
  • Best Services and Contribution of Human Justification
  • Best Performance for Human Rights
  • National Health & Peace Award
  • Pakistan Peace Award
  • Achievement Award from PPA
  • Youth Leadership Conference
  • Best Performance Award
  • NPCIH (Peace Commission for Interfaith Harmony)
  • TIBB-E- PAKISTAN Best Physician AWARD
  • TIBBE Conference
  • Shield of Excellence at the 18th International conference of integrated medicine
  • Human Rights Award
  • Lahore Social Health Conference
  • 3rd Martyr Naim Benazir Human Rights Award
  • International TB Day (2012)
  • Best Natural Health Achievement Award
Abdul Samad Innovations

 1. Samda healing Energy
The SAMDA Healing System, formulated and introduced by Abdul Samad, is an all-encompassing healing method that tackles Psychological Disorders, Physical illnesses, Spiritual Matters, Educational Hurdles, issues Facing Children, Behavioral Challenges and Relationship Problems.
SAMDA’s Break throughs Step into the realm of SAMDA, an avant-garde energy healing modality that targets a spectrum of health concerns. SAMDA escorts you on a journey to complete wellness, amalgamating Universal, age-old wisdom with contemporary methodologies. Unearth the immense healing powers that lie within and embark on the road to a more fulfilling, healthier existence.

2. Human Magnetic Force (HMF)
Dive into the mysteries of realizing your objectives with HMF, an impactful course offered by Abdul Samad. This course enlightens you on the utilization of the inherent Human Magnetic Force to draw in success, wealth, and plenty. Employing hands-on approaches and deep understandings, you’re positioned to unlock your utmost capabilities and bring to fruition your innermost ambitions.

3. The Power of Mind and Body Language (PMBL)
Gain mastery over communication and persuasion with the PMBL course, focusing on harmonizing your body language with your mindset to optimize influence. Delve into the intricacies of non-verbal cues and acquire the skills to exude assurance, charm, and leadership effortlessly. PMBL empowers you to significantly improve both your social and professional interactions, paving the way for remarkable achievements across various facets of life

Abdul Samad’s Approach to Health and Happiness
Abdul Samad introduces a blend of timeless wisdom and modern strategies in his approach to health and happiness. He encourages people to take control of their health and live rewarding lives.

Success Stories and Testimonials
Here are inspiring Success Stories and Testimonials from people who have witnessed transformative shifts in their lives through Abdul Samad’s guidance and the SAMDA Healing process.

Free Seminars, TV Programs, Books and Healing Camps
Dr. Samad is committed to educating the public on health matters and providing effective solutions for a life of health, joy, and prosperity through his TV Programs and Books.

Benefits of SAMDA Healing Energy

Have you ever felt out of balance, like your mind and body aren’t working together? Samda healing energy might be the key to restoring harmony.
Samda can help you overcome stress and anxiety, making you feel calmer and more peaceful. 
Soothing Sore Spots: Do you ever feel aches and pains that just won’t quit? Samda practitioners believe that blockages in your energy pathways can cause these discomforts. Samda healing energy focuses on these areas to heal damaged cells/areas of discomfort and bring relief. 
Building Your Body’s Defenses: Just like a good night’s sleep, regular Samda sessions can strengthen your immune system, making you less likely to get sick. Think of it as giving your body a natural boost to fight off whatever comes your way.
Sleeping Like a Baby: Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Samda can help you relax your mind and body, promoting more profound, restorative sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
Letting Go of What Burdens You: Samda can help you release emotional baggage and negative feelings, allowing you to find emotional balance and well-being. It’s like cleaning the house for your inner world. 
Feeling Alive and Energized: Ever feel lethargic and drained? Samda practices can help increase your energy levels and vitality. You’ll feel more vibrant and ready to embrace life to the fullest.
Sharpening Your Focus: Samda can help clear away mental fog and improve your concentration. It’s like giving your brain a tune-up, making it easier to focus and think clearly.
Connecting with Something Bigger: Samda helps you connect with a higher power or the universe, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment. It’s a journey of finding more profound meaning and purpose.
A Holistic Approach to Wellness: Samda doesn’t just focus on physical symptoms. It aims to heal the mind, body, and spirit, creating a sense of complete harmony and well-being.

Benefits of Human Magnetic Force

Have you ever felt like you’re firing on all cylinders, brimming with energy, and ready to tackle anything? That’s the potential to control your human magnetic force. It’s all about aligning your body’s natural energy with your goals and desires. Here’s how it can benefit you
Sharpen Your Mind: Regular practice can improve cognitive function and mental clarity. Imagine a sharper mind and more precise focus to tackle anything that comes your way.
Boost Your Mood: Human magnetic force can be a natural mood booster. It’s thought to regulate hormones and neurotransmitters, leading to a more positive outlook.
Find Balance and Harmony: Techniques involving human magnetic force can help you maintain emotional stability and inner peace. Imagine feeling centered and in control, no matter what life throws your way.
Build Resilience: Human magnetic force techniques can help you bounce back from life’s challenges more easily by strengthening your body’s bioenergetic field.
Expand Your Awareness: Engaging with human magnetic force facilitates a more profound self-awareness and connection with one’s inner self. It’s a journey of personal growth and discovery.
De-Stress and Unwind: Techniques that tap into human magnetic force promote relaxation, melting away stress and promoting overall well-being. It’s like hitting the reset button on your mind and body.
Unleash Your Inner Dynamo: Balancing your body’s magnetic fields can increase energy and spice for life. Say goodbye to feeling lethargic and hello to feeling vibrant!
Heal Faster, Feel Better: Practices associated with human magnetic force stimulate cell regeneration and tissue repair, helping quicker recovery from injuries or illness.
Boost Your Powerhouse: Improved blood flow, thanks to human magnetic force, ensures your cells get a steady stream of oxygen and nutrients, keeping you energized.
Pain Relief, Naturally: By activating your body’s healing mechanisms, human magnetic force can help to heal discomfort and reduce inflammation, leaving you feeling your best.
Remember, human magnetic force is about aligning your energy with your desires. It’s like a superpower waiting to be unlocked. So, tap into this potential, set your goals, and watch your life transform!

Benefits of The Power of Mind & Body Language

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a natural charisma or why specific conversations confuse you? The answer might lie in the power of mind and body language. It’s a two-way street: understanding body language helps you connect with others, and using it effectively can elevate your presence. Here’s how:
Communication Winner: Reading body language is like learning a secret language. It helps you decode unspoken messages and ensures your communication lights like a target.
Empathy Amplifier: When tuned into body language, you can pick up on subtle cues that reveal a person’s true feelings. It fosters more profound empathy and understanding in your relationships.
Confidence Booster: Projecting confident body language is like wearing an invisible power suit. It not only makes you feel more confident, but it also inspires confidence in others.
Building Bridges, Not Walls: Body language is all about connection. By using open and inviting gestures, you can build trust, rapport, and a sense of mutual understanding with others.
Leadership Masterclass: Mastering body language can make you a more natural leader: strong posture, eye contact, and confident gestures project authority, charm, and influence.
Conflict Calmer: Ever feel a disagreement escalating? Skilled use of body language can de-escalate tension and clear up misunderstandings before they spiral out of control.
Stress Less, Live More: Using mindful body language practices can help you manage stress and anxiety. Techniques like deep breathing and relaxed posture can promote a sense of calm.
The Persuasion Whisperer: Want to be more persuasive? Understanding body language is vital. By mirroring positive body language and using subtle cues, you can subtly influence others’ perceptions and actions.
Public Speaking Powerhouse: Are you nervous about public speaking? Integrating dynamic body language can transform your presentations. Gestures, facial expressions, and confident posture can make you a more engaging and believable speaker.
Self-Improvement Superhero: Mastering mind and body language is the ultimate self-improvement tool. It fosters self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and strong social skills, making you more confident and well-rounded.

So, the next time you’re conversing, take a moment to unlock the power of mind and body language. You might be surprised how much it can transform your interactions and personal growth.

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