Free Kashmir with Peace – A Message to World Leaders

While seeing a burning Kashmir today, doing everything we can do and hoping for the peaceful solution of this intolerable cruelty I feel more grateful to our founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for giving us the gift of freedom and saving us from the fascist mindset of the Indian ruling authorities. I truly feel more respect, love & gratitude for our greatest leader and savior, Quaid-e-Azam. 

For the ongoing struggle to free Kashmir, I would surely like to mention PM Imran Khan and his efforts. While working along with my husband (a motivational speaker & a life coach) for more than two decades to bring the positive change in people’s lives we actually understand the fact that he is the only man today at this position that has a true potential to make a difference. We analyzed his body language, his mindset, his power of self-belief and his unending passion to get what he wants. And it proves that he loves his nation the most and he will never give up until he gets what he is striving for today, for his nation, for Kashmir and for the global peace and stability.    


Next comes the most authentic and trustworthy institution of Pakistan, the PAK Forces including Army, Air Force, Navy and ISI (World’s No.1 Secret Agency). We sleep sound even during the war-threatening situations as they are standing alert round the clock, protecting every inch of the motherland and assuring the strongest defense against all kinds of possible threats. We feel extreme respect and gratitude towards these brave sons of the soil.   

For Kashmiris, we would say that we appreciate your bravery in this freedom fight and the whole nation, the leadership and all forces are standing with you in your current plight and will never rest till your complete freedom and independence from the world’s worst occupied rule.  

Let’s talk to the poor Indian nation where the majority is poor financially and a major section of political & media authorities is poorest mentally (unable to understand the gravity of the current burning situation and the impact of their inhuman policies threatening the peace of sub-continent along with pushing the whole world towards a huge nuclear war). For the financially poor section which is already suffering from the mass-scale atrocities inflicted by the ruling authorities, it’s time to stand up. If you are not standing for Kashmir, stand for yourself at least. No peace in Kashmir means no peace in India and it must be clear for everyone living in India and ignoring the Kashmir current situation. The amount being wasted on 8 lac Indian army in occupied Kashmir could have spent on the betterment of poor Indian masses to assure the provision of basic life facilities at least. But no one is there to think about the real prosperity of India and every step taken is worsening the situation unlike our great leader Imran Khan, who is not only concerned about the peace and prosperity of his own nation but also fighting for the peace in Kashmir, in whole sub-continent and the entire world. Stand up Indian nation before it gets too late.  

To the world’s great leaders, I have simple & straight message. Pakistan wants peace. We as a nation want to ensure peace in our region and the whole world along with our leadership and brave forces. Just come and join us in our efforts to save the world from the lurking threats of mass-scale nuclear war, global warming and resource scarcity. If you are hesitating at the moment just for your vested interest in Indian Economy, just realize for a moment that there will be gain or benefit when flames rising from Kashmir with wipe out India from the face of the world map. Think about it, if not for Kashmir, for your own interest and investment. 

We invite all world leaders to visit Pakistan and enjoy the taste of our hospitality and love for our guests so you could feel the truth of our efforts instead of believing the falsely-created image of our peaceful yet brave nation. Come & witness the ground facts yourself before taking any position in an ongoing critical situation. 

Our whole nation, our leadership and our brave forces want peace in every corner of the world and we invite you to join us and feel the pain of bleeding Kashmir and realize our efforts and sacrifices in this way. 

Before heading towards the concluding text, I would like to mention what we (My husband & I) can do personally as a part of global peace efforts. We have been healing people for more than two decades and have the power to heal five thousand to ten thousand people in one session. We offer our healing services for free to heal people in any corner of the world in sessions. Just contact us and we’ll reach there to minimize the miseries of people suffering from chronic ailments. 

While concluding here, we reassure that we are standing with PAK forces, our agencies and our great leader Imran Khan in this struggle and will be there forever with our full moral support along with individual efforts we can do in this regard till the final win, as we trust that we’ll win either through our peace efforts that is our priority or through whatever it takes in the opposite scenario.  

by Khalida Abdul Samad