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Dr. Abdul Samad well-known as an Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Personal Development Coach. His worldwide acclaim comes from his relentless effort and commitment towards endorsing “Health, Happiness, and Success. With over 25 years of credibility and experience, we have been dedicated to empowering individuals and transforming lives through the powerful techniques of Samda Healing Energy, Human Magnetic Force, and the Power of Mind and Body Language.
Known for his motivational speeches, writing, and life coaching, Abdul Samad has achieved international fame for his dedication in advocating for “Health, Happiness, and Success.” Through his roles as a Master Healer, Presenter, and the creator of his successful Discoveries.
1. Successful Healing Energy (SHE).
2. Human Magnetic Force (HMF).
3. The Power of Mind & Body Language (PMBL)
He has impacted the lives of millions across the world.

Mission and Vision
Dr. Samad’s mission involves spreading the ideology of living a life filled with health, joy, and prosperity by positively exploring oneself and the natural environment. His vision includes enabling people to discover and live out their heavenly purpose.

The Journey of Abdul Samad
This segment explores Abdul Samad’s personal and professional development, shining a light on significant events and experiences that have informed his aim of spreading positivity and wealth.


  • Brilliant Researcher for Human Powers Quaid-e-Azam Gold medal Award
  • Best Services and Contribution of Human Justification
  • Best Performance for Human Rights
  • National Health & Peace Award
  • Pakistan Peace Award
  • Achievement Award from PPA
  • Youth Leadership Conference
  • Best Performance Award
  • NPCIH (Peace Commission for Interfaith Harmony)
  • TIBB-E- PAKISTAN Best Physician AWARD
  • TIBBE Conference
  • Shield of Excellence at the 18th International conference of integrated medicine
  • Human Rights Award
  • Lahore Social Health Conference
  • 3rd Martyr Naim Benazir Human Rights Award
  • International TB Day (2012)
  • Best Natural Health Achievement Award
Abdul Samad Innovations

 1. Samda healing Energy
The SAMDA Healing System, formulated and introduced by Abdul Samad, is an all-encompassing healing method that tackles Psychological Disorders, Physical illnesses, Spiritual Matters, Educational Hurdles, issues Facing Children, Behavioral Challenges and Relationship Problems.
SAMDA’s Break throughs Step into the realm of SAMDA, an avant-garde energy healing modality that targets a spectrum of health concerns. SAMDA escorts you on a journey to complete wellness, amalgamating Universal, age-old wisdom with contemporary methodologies. Unearth the immense healing powers that lie within and embark on the road to a more fulfilling, healthier existence.

2. Human Magnetic Force (HMF)
Dive into the mysteries of realizing your objectives with HMF, an impactful course offered by Abdul Samad. This course enlightens you on the utilization of the inherent Human Magnetic Force to draw in success, wealth, and plenty. Employing hands-on approaches and deep understandings, you’re positioned to unlock your utmost capabilities and bring to fruition your innermost ambitions.

3. The Power of Mind and Body Language (PMBL)
Gain mastery over communication and persuasion with the PMBL course, focusing on harmonizing your body language with your mindset to optimize influence. Delve into the intricacies of non-verbal cues and acquire the skills to exude assurance, charm, and leadership effortlessly. PMBL empowers you to significantly improve both your social and professional interactions, paving the way for remarkable achievements across various facets of life

Abdul Samad’s Approach to Health and Happiness
Abdul Samad introduces a blend of timeless wisdom and modern strategies in his approach to health and happiness. He encourages people to take control of their health and live rewarding lives.

Success Stories and Testimonials
Here are inspiring Success Stories and Testimonials from people who have witnessed transformative shifts in their lives through Abdul Samad’s guidance and the SAMDA Healing process.

Free Seminars, TV Programs, Books and Healing Camps
Dr. Samad is committed to educating the public on health matters and providing effective solutions for a life of health, joy, and prosperity through his TV Programs and Books.